Easy Tots Perfect Fit Easymat Review *

Recently, we were very kindly sent the Easy Tots Perfect Fit Easymat to try out & review which was very welcome, seeing as we have a 16 month old who often throws his plate of food on the floor!

These place mats are designed to perfectly fit the Ikea Antilop High Chair with suction cups to prevent whole meals ending up on the floor, they encourage self-feeding and are available in 3 different colours – buttercup yellow, grey and olive green.

The design of the mat appears to have a smiley face when your child is looking at it, and the fact it is completely BPA free is definitely something to smile about!

So far, we have enjoyed using this mat on Noah’s high chair, but it can also be used on table surfaces meaning it will last for years. It has a good suction which has made it difficult for Noah to remove from his high chair tray and throw on the floor! Because of the tight fit, there is minimal mess to clean from the high chair after meal times.

I have found it very easy to clean, just washed it in the sink along with our other dishes, it didn’t even stain after Noah ate lasagne from it, unlike many of the other plastic kids plates we have had!

I like that you can separate different components of the meal- this is especially handy for lunches as I often give the kids a snacky lunch.

It is easy on the eye and looks very modern, my favourite colour is definitely the grey, but the buttercup and olive options are also lovely and very muted/pastel-like.

The Easy Tots Perfect Fit Easymat can be purchased here for £15.85

Ella wanted to try it out too!
*In the interest of transparency, I did not purchase this product with my own money, it was gifted to us in exchange for honest review.*

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