3 Year Old Gift Guide

Seeing as Ella’s 3rd birthday is fast approaching, I thought I’d create a list featuring gift ideas for 3 year olds. Some of these are gifts we have bought Ella for her birthday or asked other people to get, and some are just ideas. I have left links to all of the gifts if you should wish to purchase any of them.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a post to brag or show off about how much money we may spend on birthday gifts, this post is purely intended to give people gift ideas for 3 year olds.

Amazon Fire Tablet £99.99

A fairly pricey gift, but great for a child who enjoys watching Youtube videos, taking photos and playing games on your mobile (without the worry of them accidentally deleting your favourite photos or important messages!)

Dressing Up Costume £9.98

Dressing up costumes are a great alternative to a standard toy- they really encourage children into using role play and their imagination.

Magnificent Stanley Sweatshirt £22.00

I love these sweatshirts and have actually purchased one each for both Ella & Noah as birthday gifts. The fact they are personalised is a really special touch, and it is also really lovely to support a small business, especially when gift giving.

Theatre Ticket

Theatre tickets or day passes are a great present for the child who has everything!

Gro Clock £19.99

Like Ella, your child may not be sleeping through the night or even in their own room for the whole night, I’m hoping this gift will gain me a bit more sleep as well as being exciting for Ella and teaching her about time!

Board Games, £12.49

Board games are brilliant for children 3 years plus as by this age children tend to have a bit more patience and understanding of games, and I feel it’s really important to teach them how to take turns & share. It also adds a bit of structure to play time if like me, you’re not the best at imaginative play.

Birthday Crown £10 / Wand £8.50

How adorable are these crowns and wands? A great toy/fancy dress which will also double up as a lovely keepsake!

All images are not my own and have been found on Google or the websites linked.


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