Noah’s 9 Month Update

Only 3 months until Noah’s 1st birthday… where is the time going?! 🙈

This month Noah has generally been waking once a night for a feed, and the last couple of nights he has slept through (long may that continue 🙏🏻)! Noah has also reduced the amount he is feeding throughout the day, he is probably having about 5 feeds during the day.

Noah’s really enjoying solids now, although I have given up making my own purees for him as they usually end up in the bin and I just don’t have the time to be batch cooking whilst tending to a toddler & baby! So pouches it is, they’re expensive but more convenient for us and Noah’s still getting lots of goodness! We are still dabbling in BLW, mainly vegetables cut into sticks and the Ella’s Kitchen melty puffs! Noah’s favourite foods so far are the Heinz by nature parsnip, pork & prune pouch and he loves red pepper houmous!

I noticed towards the start of this month that Noah was really struggling to go for a number 2 💩, he was screaming whilst trying, and wouldn’t go for days, however, it seems to have settled down a bit now which is brilliant.

This month Noah has been really trying to crawl. He’s so nearly there, i think it could be any day, which terrifies me as he’ll be into everything but is also exciting as he’ll have a bit more independence and he’ll be reaching another new milestone! He can shuffle backwards and keeps getting his legs stuck under the sofa 😂.

Noah Weighs:16lbs 2oz (39weeks)

Noah Wears:Size 4 nappies

  • 3-6 & 6-9 month clothes

Noah Has:Been trying so hard to crawl.

  • Had his first ride in a trolley.


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