Ella Started Nursery!

Today was such a big deal for us! Ella had her first session at nursery this afternoon. It was quite nerve racking as I didn’t know how Ella would react. She’s not the most confident child and is also quite the worrier. However, she did pretty well, and I am so proud of her.

As we walked through the door she instantly wanted me to carry her, it was obviously all a bit overwhelming. I had tried to prepare her by talking a little bit each day about nursery and what to expect over the last week. After a few minutes she started to do some painting with a friend and their key worker so I took this opportunity to sneak away, as advised by a member of staff. I wasn’t sure how I felt about not saying goodbye to her, but trusted the member of staff as they’ve obviously dealt which similar situations before. 

Ella lasted the whole 2 hour session- I was expecting to get a phone call at some point saying she was really upset, but I’m so proud that she stayed the whole time. The staff said there were a few tears but overall she was fine. She cried when I collected her (happy, relieved tears I think!) When we were driving home, she told me she had missed me, bless her! She’s not used to being away from me, but I know nursery is going to do her the world of good! 

My first baby, the one who made me a mother seemed so grown up today 💖


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