Noah’s 5 Month Update

This month Noah seems like he really wants to be up and playing! He is so much happier when we are with Ella’s friends and he can watch them all playing. He seems like he wants more stimulation and entertainment now and is really enjoying books. Noah’s also trying so hard to roll from his back to front, but his arms are getting in the way & stopping him from going right over! 

The last couple of weeks he has been quite unsettled during the day, wanting to feed a lot, but he’s also been quite sicky. I wonder if it is his teeth bothering him and he’s feeding for comfort then bringing it back up. We’ve had a couple of evenings where he has had rosy cheeks and he’s been quite unsettled so I don’t think it’ll be long until a little toothy peg appears! 

A couple of days before Noah turned 5 months old we tried him with a bit of baby porridge, he seemed like he was ready so we thought we’d give it a try. Ella gave him his first spoonful and he loved it- you’d have thought he’d been eating for weeks! He didn’t pull a strange face or spit it out, he just ate it and was looking for more! 

Noah has been feeding 1-2 hourly during the day and only napping for about 1-2 hours in total. He is still sleeping well through the night, and is generally sleeping about 10 hours. 

Noah Weighs:

  • 14lbs 13oz

Noah Wears:

  • 0-3/3-6 month clothing
  • Size 3 nappies 

Noah has:

  • Been to watch fireworks for the first time.
  • Had his first taste of baby porridge.


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