Noah’s 1 Month Update

A whole month has passed already since Noah was born – time seriously needs to slow down!

Obviously at a month old there’s not a whole host of stuff to write about as babies of this age don’t do a lot, but here’s where Noah is at.

Noah still spends most of his days sleeping, he tends to feed every every 1 and a half – 2 hours during the day. He starts the night with a 4 hour sleep then gradually the feeds get more frequent.

His cord fell off when he was 4 days old and he now has a perfectly healed little belly button. 

He seems to hold onto his wind quite a bit and I spend a good majority of my day trying to get him to burp, otherwise he isn’t very settled. 

I was shaking a rattle the other day and I’m sure Noah was following the sound and turning his head to whichever side I was shaking it. 

Noah weighs:

  • 9lbs

Noah wears:

  • Newborn clothes
  • Size 1 nappies

Noah has:

  • Had his first sleepover at nanny and grandads (with me & Ella)
  • Been to softplay
  • Been to the park
  • Met most of his family
  • Had his first bath with his big sister

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