Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

This week has been pretty plain sailing! I think I’ve been feeling baby kicking/pushing under my ribs, which is very unusual and takes my breath away quite often.

I have been fancying crisps a lot this week- particularly chilli heatwave doritos! 

My blood pressure and urine checks have all been fine and I haven’t had any sudden swelling.

My skin has broken out again this week after a few weeks of it being quite clear ☹️.

We are using the same travel system and moses basket as we had for Ella so I have washed all of the fabric components and my mum bought a new mattress for the moses basket so that is set up and ready for the baby’s arrival. We really haven’t got much to do before the baby comes now, I am feeling very prepared!


One thought on “Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

  1. Well, yet another week has gone by, going quickly now. Last minute preps are underway. All we need in a few weeks is the little person who will make all preparation and at times worry worthwhile!! Everyone cannot wait to meet that certain little someone, be interesting to see how Ella copes with a real life sibling that is here for keeps lol. We will all make sure the transition is made as easy as possible for her, with lots of love and attention. Pretty much the same as now! Scan tomorrow so we hear how big baby is and what the next step will be if any!


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