Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

This week I had another growth scan, baby is now weighing approximately 4lbs 12oz which is bigger than Ella’s birth weight! 

There’s no concerns about baby’s weight or my blood pressure at the moment, everything seems to have settled down a bit which is brilliant! However, I am still being monitored closely.

I am very conscious of making sure I rest plenty and don’t over do it which is proving difficult as all I want to do is clean and sort things!! (Nesting has definitely hit me harder this pregnancy!)

Some of my lovely friends organised a pregnancy massage & baby shower for me at the weekend, we went to a Thai restaurant, played a couple of games and had a really lovely child-free afternoon, we were able to eat a whole meal and chat amongst ourselves with no disturbances! We also received a hamper of really lovely gifts!

There’s nothing much more to report this week, everything is going smoothly! We have finally worked out some plans for Ella’s birthday aswell so that’s one less thing to worry about!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

  1. Lovely to see pics of the baby shower. I have already sampled one of those gorgeous cakes so I know what they are like. Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend and helping out to give you a much needed break. Sure Ella will keep nanny busy – probably be telling me what to do lol

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