Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks

This week has been much more calm and enjoyable than last week. We have been camping in Newquay with Lee’s family so I’ve been able to rest lots and had lots of help entertaining Ella which I’m so grateful for, I think it was the break I needed just at the right time.

I have had 2 blood pressure and urine checks which have both come back fine. It’s such a scary feeling going into the hospital and not knowing when you’ll be leaving. 

I hate to think I am wishing this pregnancy away, but reaching the end of each week is very satisfying at the moment, knowing the baby will be bigger and stronger, should we have them earlier than expected. 

I have been feeling well in myself and feeling lots of movement from baby. I can tell they are starting to get cramped in there and the movements are feeling stronger.

The app on my phone says baby is the size of a honeydew melon at 33 weeks, weighing around 4.2lbs and measuring about 17 inches crown to heel. 


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