Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

Ohh what a week! 32+1 I had a routine midwife appointment where I was sent onto the day assessment unit to be monitored due to slight oedema, raised blood pressure and a slight trace of protein in my urine. Fortunately, I was only in there for a couple of hours as everything was looking ok. I am being closely monitored now as all of these things are symptoms of preeclampsia.

I have now packed the majority of our hospital bags, thank goodness! I feel so much more organised and prepared incase we have this baby early. 

I have been feeling generally fine in myself and feeling plenty of movement from baby.

The app on my phone says baby is still the size of a winter squash at 32 weeks, weighing around 3.8lbs and measuring approximately 17 inches crown to heel. 


One thought on “Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

  1. So glad you feel more organised having your hospital bag packed – just in case! Think we are all expecting bump to put in an earlier appearance than expected. All plans on hold at the moment lol and relevant people informed e.g work. Good to know that you are heeding advice about a healthy diet and putting your feet up when you can! True saying – mum’s do know best lol.


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