Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

This week I have been feeling quite achey and uncomfortable. I’m starting to feel huge- much bigger than I remember feeling with Ella! 

I have slept a bit better this week, I’m not sure what’s changed but I’ve definitely been getting an extra hour or so each night and really notice the difference.

I had another growth scan this week, baby is currently weighing approximately 3lbs 9oz which means their growth has slowed. From what I can work out from my pregnancy notes, baby has gone from weighing just over the 50th centile to just over the 10th centile.My blood pressure is also creeping up so I have to have that checked twice a week from now on by my midwife. However, my urine was clear of any protein so that’s good. I am now awaiting the date of another scan for a couple of weeks time. We were in the hospital about 2 hours and Ella’s was good as gold! She loved seeing the ‘baby on the telly’ again.

We are finally starting to cross things off of our list of things to buy for the baby. I really need to start sorting bits for our hospital bags now! 


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