Mum Guilt & Needing A Break

Isn’t mum guilt so overwhelming?

I feel guilty about a lot of my parenting choices! What I feed Ella, how much television she watches, if I play with her enough, the list goes on!

I think we, as not only mothers, but parents in general need to give ourselves a break! Bringing a child up is not easy. To some it is second nature, but to others it is a real struggle. Everyone has days where they are pushed to their limit- their child won’t sleep/ eat/ play, teething makes an appearance, clinginess, whinginess, and we all need to remember that we’re not the only person going through it.

Sometimes we all need a break and it’s ok to admit that! Go get your nails done, go for a child-free coffee with a friend, drop the kids at granny’s so you can clean the house! Whatever it is, give yourself a break and don’t be afraid to admit you need one- at the end of the day, it’s reassurance for another parent out there who is feeling the same way!


One thought on “Mum Guilt & Needing A Break

  1. Hi darling. So surprised how big bump is looking now! All is going well with size and movements. Mum’s guilt! Well, that is something I know about, hate to tell you but sometimes it is something you beat yourself up about many years down the line! No greater job in the world though and it is a 24/7 job that lasts forever – with so many rewards! I love you all so much and now my grandchildren! How did I get to be at the age for grandkids eh lol. Xxxx

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