Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

This week has flown by. I want time to slow down a bit!! I have been feeling a lot more ‘rolling’ movements rather than kicking- I guess this is where baby is getting bigger and hasn’t got so much room to move about. 

The app on my phone says baby is still the size of a papaya at week 27, weighing between 1.4-2.2lbs and measuring around 14 inches crown to heel.

At some points during the day my bump feels so heavy and like the baby is really pressing on my bladder, even if I have just wee’d. I have also experienced cramp in one of my legs a couple of times this week.

I am loving the new series of One Born Every Minute- it’s making me so excited!


One thought on “Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

  1. enjoyed a fab weekend with you last week. taking ella to the cinema to see the peppa film was so special – all grown up now, she was so good and it was a pleasure to take her out.


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