The Reality Of Mother’s Day

We all dream of the ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day- waking up peacefully after a long lie in, to tea and toast delivered to you in bed, alongside a vase of flowers and a card! Followed by a day where you don’t lift a finger and get treated like a queen for the entire day. 


My day was very different to this, however, it was brilliant and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I was up and out of bed before 7am with a snotty toddler on hand! I managed to drink half a cup of luke warm coffee & had to skip breakfast as I didn’t have time to eat! We got ready, I made Ella’s breakfast, put a load of washing on and I had just enough time for Ella to give me my card & presents before heading to Cornwall. We spent the day with my mum, nan & dad, then spent the evening with Lee’s mum & family.

At my parents house, Ella picked a daffodil from the garden and gave it to me whilst saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’- it’s safe to say I got a bit emotional. My mum said she always remembers when I did the same thing as a little girl. 

Why do we seem to think our lives should be put on hold for the day? I’m still a mum today, I still have responsibilities today. 

I didn’t have the stereotypical ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day that everyone dreams of, but today was perfect for me!

I am more than lucky to have such a wonderful mother. I am blessed to be Ella’s mother & to also be growing her sibling, I couldn’t wish for more than that!


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