Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

This week I still haven’t been getting much sleep, although, surprisingly I don’t feel horrendously tired! Lee & I have both seen baby moving a lot this week and a couple of my friends have felt baby kick!

I have still been suffering from SPD type symptoms but not quite so often. I’m not finding the v-shaped pillow very comfortable or much help really so just grinning and baring it for now! 

The app on my phone says baby is still the size of an aubergine this week, weighing about 1.3lbs and measuring around 12 inches crown to heel. 

This week I have been loving Ritz crackers with Primula cheese on top- so random, but so good! 

I saw my midwife this week- bump is measuring fine and my blood pressure / urine checks were all ok! Unfortunately, I’ve got to have the glucose test for gestational diabetes next month due to my dad being diabetic. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it but it’ll be worthwhile to make sure everything’s ok. I never had the test when I was pregnant with Ella, but I’m not sure why.


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