Old Wives Tales: Gender Prediction

Obviously these methods of gender prediction may not be reliable, this is purely for a bit of fun! The coloured heart indicates which applies to me for each statement.

Cravings: Sweet Vs Salty

Sweet- girl πŸ’—

Salty- boy

Pregnancy glow

Breakouts- girl πŸ’—

Clear complexion- boy

Morning sickness

Severe- girl

None/very little- boy πŸ’™

Babies heart rate

Above 140- girl πŸ’—

Below 140- boy

Side you sleep

Right- girl πŸ’—

Left- boy

Soft or dry hands

Soft- girl

Dry- boyπŸ’™

Chinese gender chart

Age at conception- 20
Month of conception- October Result: GirlπŸ’—

Overall, the results from these old wives tales suggest that I am pregnant with a baby girl! I guess we’ll find out in about 17 weeks! 


One thought on “Old Wives Tales: Gender Prediction

  1. ha ha, now you are just teasing us regarding the gender of this little one. I am just going to wait for that precious surprise at the end, be it 16 weeks or as in ella’s case earlier! whatever the gender, this little bundle will be very much loved by us all.xxx

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