Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

This week I have generally been feeling well, although have felt a bit nauseous occasionally but I’m not sure if it is pregnancy related or not. I’ve also experienced a few breakouts this week, my skin has definitely been worse this pregnancy than it was when I was pregnant with Ella. 

I am still looking at purchasing a pregnancy pillow due to discomfort in my groin area, however, I don’t know whether to go for a V-shaped pillow or just a long straight pillow.. Any advice? *

The app on my phone says baby is around the size of an aubergine at 22 weeks, weighing approximately 1lb and around 11 inches crown to heel. 

Twister ice lollies have been a favourite this past week, and pineapple is still at the top of the list! Apparently the ice cream on a twister ice lolly is pineapple flavoured so I’m guessing that’s why I’ve been enjoying them! 

I haven’t been sleeping brilliantly- I seem to fall asleep and have a good couple of hours initially, but after that, I wake and can’t get back to sleep for ages. 

*I have now purchased a V shaped pillow to sleep with between my legs at night in the hope it’ll provide a bit of relief, then hopefully I’ll sleep better! I’ll let you know how I get on with it in future posts.


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