My 21st Birthday 

What an amazing, exciting & overwhelming day! I heard Lee’s alarm go off around 6:40am and couldn’t get back to sleep so got up at 7 and started my 21st birthday on my own with a coffee! Sounds sad I know, but it was nice to have this quiet time as I had a busy day ahead!

Lee came home from work shortly afterwards to give me my birthday presents & card and to make me some breakfast.

Fast forward a couple of hours, me & Ella were ready for the day and my mum and dad arrived around 9:30am. I opened my card & gifts from them, then the postman came just as we were about to leave the house so I opened a few more cards & gifts then we went shopping in Exeter for the day.

We had lunch out and hit the shops before coming home for a couple of hours then heading out again for a meal with my parents, Ella, Lee & 2 of our friends. We had a lovely evening with lots of laughs and good food! We were home by about 10pm, I looked at and showed Lee all of my lovely cards & gifts then headed to bed – it’s safe to say my party days are over!

I had such a brilliant day, with some of the best people I could’ve wished to spend it with & I was spoiled rotten! I couldn’t be more grateful & want to remember this day forever.


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