Pregnancy Symptoms

This pregnancy is just like my pregnancy with Ella, which makes me think it could be another little girl in there! I loved being pregnant with Ella and I’m really enjoying this pregnancy so far.
I am very lucky not to have had any severe ‘morning’ sickness with either pregnancy. I have had very mild nausea in both of my pregnancies, but nothing to really complain about and it only really lasted between week 6-11.

I’ve gone off of tea, and probably drink more coffee than I should (about 3 cups a day). I became quite fond of orange juice at one point but now find myself drinking a lot more water.

I have been fancying crisps a lot, but also sweets, especially fizzy/sour ones like Haribo Tangfastics!

I get pain/discomfort in my groin area during the night, especially when rolling over in bed.

Plenty of bloating in the early days and would say I’ve been ‘showing’ since about 17 weeks.

The last week or so I think I have been experiencing quickening, the first feelings of baby moving around, just slight flutters/bubbling here and there. It’s hard to tell as its so irregular but I’m fairly sure that’s what I’ve been feeling.

Leave me a comment with your pregnancy symptoms & any questions you may want me to answer.


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