We’re Back!!

Hello everyone, me again!

Sorry for the unannounced break we’ve had from the blog. I felt as if I was writing the same thing day in, day out and it was all getting a bit repetitive and boring! Of course, we were also starting to get into the Christmas spirit and our lives became quite busy quite quickly! But we’re back now, and instead of blogging everyday, I’m just going to blog on significant days where we’ve done something fun/interesting/exciting because let’s face it, Ella’s not going to want to read this blog when she’s older and for me to have written every day that we played with toys, watched telly and popped to Lidl, I want to document the exciting stuff! 

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and end to 2016! Here’s to 2017- Happy New Year! x


One thought on “We’re Back!!

  1. so glad you are back blogging,i missed checking on a daily basis {cause that’s what mums do – right}? we had a lovely day spent with yu on sunday 15th jan. dad and I liked visiting atlantic village with you, and having a laugh over ella saying ‘it’s an ‘orse ha ha, when she was referring to the hobby horse, that she so carried around with her and grandad nearly fell for it and bought it, alas she dropped it down and never went back for it – the ‘orse’ fell at the first hurdle. actually, I am telling a bit of a fib here as it was actualy a unicorn, but did have the sound of a horse?? anyone out there know ay different ha ha. I didn’t want to leave ella when she cried for me and held her little arms out as we were about to leave, talk about tugging at your heartstrings!! how lovely to feel the love of an 18 month old. we will be seeing you on Saturday for lee’s birthday meal – that in itself will be another blog I am sure.

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