21st November 2016

Sorry I haven’t blogged the last few days, it’s been a busy weekend with family as well as feeling ill so I haven’t had much chance! So here’s what we’ve been up to:

18th November 2016

This morning we went to a toddler group where we raised some money for children in need by having a raffle and cake sale. Ella had fun painting, crawling through tunnels and playing in tents. After the group we headed to Cornwall to my parents house, we got there about 12:30pm, so had some lunch then had a catch up, played and chilled for the afternoon. Me and Ella fell asleep on the sofa around 3:30pm, Ella’s still poorly and I think I’m catching it 😞. We’re staying at my parents’ house tonight and tomorrow night.

19th November 2016

My brother is down from Manchester with his friend from High Wycombe so we (me, Ella, Mum & Dad) met up with them today along with my niece, another brother and sister-in-law & her mum. It was so difficult deciding what to do as it was such a varied mix of people who enjoy different things so we ended up going to a Wetherspoons to have lunch and catch up, then went back to my brothers house. Ella was quite shy around everyone, I think it’s because she doesn’t see them all that often and also because she was feeling poorly. Makes you feel guilty as a parent when someone speaks to her and she just cries in their face! 

20th November 2016

Today we had a quiet morning at my mum and dads, then 11 of us went for a family roast just after 2. We had a lovely meal, the kids played on the park afterwards then me, Ella and Lee headed home to Devon. We had such a lovely weekend, however today I have a sore throat and cold and Ella’s still a bit under the weather 🙁.

21st November 2016

Today we have been at home all day unpacking from the weekend and chilling out to try and get over this cold. My throat feels like there’s something sharp stuck in it, I hope Ella hasn’t been feeling like this. 

I hope you’ve had a lovely few days! x


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