14th November 2016

Oh dear, what a poorly girl we have! Originally I thought the cold was solely due to teething but i think she’s actually teething and caught a cold together. Ella’s been quite clingy & doesn’t really know what she wants to do. She looks as if she could do with sleeping all day!

We popped to Lidl today to get some food shopping, Ella was really good sitting in the trolley considering she feels like crap! 

This evening we’ve had our friends round for a roast which was lovely! Once they had left I fell asleep on the sofa with Ella, tried to transfer her to her cot at 11pm but ping! went her eyes, so she was in with us all night!! 😴

On another note, it has been 2 years to the date since I took the pregnancy test and we found out we were having Ella!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic Monday! x


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