9th November 2016

Sorry that I’ve been quiet for the last few days! I normally write here in the evening but I’ve been so tired and falling asleep early, I keep forgetting!

So here’s an overview of the last couple of days:

Monday 7th November

Today we spent most of the day at home, recovering after a busy weekend. We did also pop to Lidl to get a couple of bits and bobs! Does anyone else love Lidl’s random crap aisle? It’s my favourite! 

Tuesday 8th November

Today we have been at home all morning. Our friends came round this afternoon- Ella and Malachi played while me and Shannon had a catch up, drinking tea and eating KFC! Ella slept all night in her cot, I’m not sure if it’s because she only had a 30 minute nap or because she actually ate her tea and went to bed with a full tummy.. Either way, something worked and I’m praying it continues!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Wednesday 9th November

This morning we went to a friends house for a play date with 2 other mums and their children. The toddlers played nicely together while we ate cake and had a catch up! We had lunch there and got home about 2:30pm, Ella napped in the car for an hour and I did loads of housework, I was very impressed with how much I got done! 

Ella and her friend Ethan, sharing some Mini Cheddars

I hope you’ve had a wonderful few days! x


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