1st Novemeber 2016

Hello November! Now that you’re here, the lead up to Christmas begins- how exciting, I love Christmas!! 

This morning me and Ella went to lidl to do the food shop then came home to put it all away and chilled out for half an hour before going to a soft play place this afternoon with our friends. Ella only had about 20 minutes nap on the way to soft play so I wasn’t sure how keen she’d be to run around and play, but she loved it. She slept on the way home and for half an hour in the car once we were back so I hoovered the living room and blended the pumpkin soup for tea.

We’ve read some books and watched telly since Ella woke up from her nap and she’s now in her highchair eating soup and toast for tea (not sure how much of the soup is being eaten!) 

I hope you’ve have a wonderful day! x


One thought on “1st Novemeber 2016

  1. see your start to this blog began with a sentence about Christmas, think I made your day today – 2nd November by telling you that we would now be able to share it with you as we are not going away as planned. Christmas come early!!!! love mumxxxxxx


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