30th October 2016

This morning we (me, Ella & my mum) popped to lidl for a couple of bits to make do until I do a proper food shop, then went to a shop that had a sale on Yankee  Candles! Afterwards we went for a lovely walk then headed back home for some lunch.

My dad came to pick my mum up this evening, so I cooked a beef hotpot & veg for tea so they didn’t have to bother when they got home as they wouldn’t be back till about 7pm. It’s been so nice having mum here, she’s helped around the house and with Ella, we’ve had some laughs & she’s such good company!

This evening Ella went to bed & Lee fell asleep on the sofa so I took the chance to wrap some more Christmas presents! 

I hope you’ve had a lovely day! x


One thought on “30th October 2016

  1. it was so nice being with you all over the last 3 days, I am missing your company so badly on this Monday morning and am not much liking having to do all the housework, cooking and then back to work tonight. guess time goes fast when you are having fun xxxx


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