24th October 2016

This morning we got up and got ready then met three of my friends for shopping and lunch! 

Ella was in a really good mood all day, she’s so funny and if you laugh she’ll keep doing whatever you were laughing at! 

Very happy to have picked up the Boots and Superdrug Christmas magazines! Bit of festive reading for this evening! I’m getting so excited for Christmas now, especially as Ella should have lots of fun this year! This evening Ella found 2 books I bought her for Christmas and was looking through them so nicely, I seriously thought I’d get away without hiding things too well this year- I was wrong!

I had a lovely bath while tea was in the oven then sat on my bum all evening watching telly! Time to wash the dishes now- 10pm 😫

I hope you’ve had an amazing Monday! x


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