16th October 2016

What a night we had last night! (Note: this isn’t the kind of post you might be expecting from a 20 year old after a Saturday night!) I was feeling a bit sicky all evening but carried on as normal, had an early night & hoped for the best. Ella woke just before 1am so came in with us, at this point I felt so sick and ended up going to the bathroom to throw up, felt much better and went back to bed to find Ella was still awake and continued to stay awake for the following hour! 😴 

Anyway, onto happier thoughts. My mum and dad came and visited today which we couldn’t have planned for a better day after last night! My mum was an absolute star and did some housework & played with Ella while I rested. My dad made a cottage pie for lunch so I didn’t need to worry about that either. They also bought me some flowers- they are the best! 

Since mum and dad left we haven’t done much, I sorted some washing and had a lovely bath, I’m still not feeling 100% better.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday! x


One thought on “16th October 2016

  1. oh darling what lovely comments, I was glad to help – I know only too well what it feels like to feel poorly and have to soldier on. just glad I could help you. loved playing with ella, those little arms being held up for a cuddle from me and coming to find me are worth a million and get me every time. I hope you feel well soon and so look forward to my much longer stay with you next week. I love you all so much – no words can describe. xxxxx

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