15th October 2016

We spent the morning at home & Ella decided to give me the scare of my life! She fell off the sofa and basically bounced on her head, I picked her up straight away and she was holding her breath like they do when they’re about the let out an almighty cry. Except she didn’t, she closed her eyes and rested her head on my chest. I was extremely worried, shaking and patting her telling her to breathe, eventually she did and then came the almighty cry but I was just so happy she was ok. I called Lee as I was in shock and panicking, he reassured me and said the usual- don’t let her sleep etc. I had a bit of a cry to Ella and told her how worried I was and after 10 mins of watching telly she was back on her feet playing like nothing had ever happened! Gosh, don’t they love to scare us? 

This afternoon we have just had lunch, popped to co-op and went in one of our local pubs for a drink.

I hope your Saturday has been brilliant and not as worrying as mine! x


2 thoughts on “15th October 2016

  1. oh ella, you did scare nana too, just glad I will be able to see you for my own piece of mind. I know you think u are big and all grown up climbing around, but a sofa is not the best place to try this. so glad you recovered quickly.your poor mummy and daddy, they were as worried about you as I was.. take care little one, nana loves you so much.

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