10th October 2016

We’ve had a lovely day, this morning it was quite chilly but felt very autumnal, we met some friends at a park and played there for a while then went back to one of their house’s for lunch and so the kids could play.

Ella was a bit grumpy all day, I put it down to tiredness but when we got home she slept in the car for 30 mins while I cooked a chicken korma ready for tea then when I got her up we were sat on the sofa together and she was suddenly sick. She’s never sick, wasn’t a sicky baby and hasn’t eaten anything unusual so I think she must have a bug, poor girl. She definitely isn’t herself, she’s just wanted to cuddle on the sofa all afternoon whereas normally she’d want to get down and play after a little while. Hoping she feels better tomorrow. She’s currently having a danger nap so I’ve not got much hope for a good nights sleep!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday! x


One thought on “10th October 2016

  1. get well soon ella. nana was worried about you, but today – Tuesday you seem a little better. I just wanted to be able to give you a cuddle, but you are better with tlc from mummy. xxx


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