4th October 2016

We’ve had another busy day! 

This morning my friend came round with the little boy she looks after and we took Ella to get weighed, she now weighs 17lbs 12oz!! Then we popped to lidl as Em needed to get some bits, Ella picked up a bag of Haribo and was carrying them around! Before we got to the till I took them off her and put them back as I had left my purse in the car and all hell broke loose, she was not happy! 

We then went to the theatre in town as there was a group of disabled people rehearsing for a pantomime and afterwards the kids could join in and dance etc- Ella loved it, her and Finn get on so well!

About 2:00pm we came home, Ella had a nap in the car and I did a bit of cleaning before lees brother and his girlfriend came round. We spent the evening with them and had Chinese, Ella had a late night but loved seeing her auntie and uncle! 

I hope your Tuesday has been as lovely as ours! x


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