Our Breastfeeding Journey

I had all intentions to breastfeed before I was even pregnant. I knew it was the best thing for a baby and was determined. So I did it!
Ella was premature, born at 36+2 weeks. She was so small and struggled to breathe when she was latched on but I wasn’t giving up. I pumped in hospital alongside trying to feed her myself. Eventually, after the help of multiple midwives she got the hang of it and I breastfed Ella for just under a year! She self weaned herself off of the breast which made it so much easier, there was no battle to reduce the feeds. I am so proud that we both managed near enough a year of breastfeeding, it was such an amazing thing and I really do miss it now, however not everyone does manage to breastfeed, and I have nothing at all against formula feeding. Anyone who is struggling, please seek help & advice from a breastfeeding expert.



One thought on “Our Breastfeeding Journey

  1. aawr such lovely pictures. how tiny was ella, now we have a toddler who is growing up so fast but is giving all the family so much joy. I too, miss her baby days, but know that we have lots of fun in store during the coming years. I love you ella louise. from nana xxxxxx

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