Aldi Baby Event


Today we popped into Aldi to check out their baby event, I got a couple of bits for Ella that I’m really pleased with!


Organix Goodies multipack (12 packs) -£2.99 Super bargain as normally I’d pay about £1.99 for just 4 bags. You get 4 bags of each- tomato noughts & crosses, cheese & herb puffs and carrot stix.

Lilly & Dan Puddlesuit- £9.99 I thought this would be great for when we go on walks and for splashing in puddles, just to protect her clothes from getting wet. It’s got a really cute animal print on it.

Lilly & Dan Unicorn Backpack Reins- £6.99 I’ve been looking for some nice reins for Ella and these are super cute! I tried them on her and she doesn’t seem too bothered about having them on which is good! She carried them round Aldi the whole time!

4 Pack Mamia Travel Wipes (25 per pack)- £1.29 I’ve never used the Mamia wipes but I’ve heard good things about them so thought I’d give them a try. I love the fact these ones are travel sized too- so much lighter than lugging around a full pack of 56! I’d normally use Pampers sensitive wipes or Asda little angels sensitive wipes so we’ll see how we get on with these.

Definitely get down to your local Aldi to grab some bargains this week!


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