Recipe: Cheese & Bacon Turnovers



I wanted to use up the puff pastry that I didn’t use for my chicken pie the other day so thought I’d try making cheese and bacon turnovers.


  • Leftover puff pastry
  • 3 rashers of bacon
  • Handful of grated cheese


  1. To begin with, I grilled my bacon.
  2. While the bacon was cooking, I grated some cheese and cut my pastry into 4 parts(see awful diagram below 😂)

    White scribble is the hole in pastry where I’d previously cut out the lid for my pie. Red lines show where I have cut the pastry into 4 parts!
  3. When the bacon was cooked, I cut it into pieces and placed it on the corners of all the pieces of pastry.
  4. Sprinkle cheese on top of the bacon.
  5. Fold the ends of the pastry into the middle and secure with a cocktail stick.
  6. Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 15-20 minutes.

These were delicious and just like the ones you can buy from bakery’s!

Of course, you don’t have to use leftover pastry and follow my wacky diagram!


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