Family Gingerbread Men Decorating


As I said in my previous blog post, when Lee got back from work this evening we were feeling festive so we all decorated a gingerbread man each.

I thought Ella would just eat the gingerbread and the sweets & probably lose interest and wander off to play but she sat and held the sweets in her hands for most of the time! However, she did make a good effort with the icing on her gingerbread man!

Lee, being a competitive male suggested we post the pictures of our gingerbread men on Facebook and ask people to vote for which they thought was best. At the moment I am winning-woohoo!

These moments with Lee are particularly special, and I’m glad I can share them on my blog for others to see, but also so we don’t forget them. I think being able to read about them aswell as seeing the pictures will be so much more effective than just scrolling through my camera roll in years to come!



2 thoughts on “Family Gingerbread Men Decorating

  1. aawr precious time. so lovely to see with ella. I bet she enjoyed having daddy to herself for a while. well done on your gingerbread man ella – personally, I think you are the winner. nana xxxx

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