18th September 2016


Today my mum and dad visited us and took us out for lunch!


They didn’t come till midday so I did a bit of cleaning before they got here. Then we caught up over a cuppa before going for lunch at a nearby pub.

We popped to Lidl quickly then came home. This afternoon was productive for us all- dad did a bit of diy, I waxed mine & mums eyebrows and put a stroller together while my mum played with Ella!

Ella loves her nanny & grandad, all she was saying this morning before they got here was nanan nanan! When we were walking from the car park to the pub they were doing that thing where you hold one hand each then count to three and swing the child in the air – Ella loved it! I remember it being great fun when I was a child!

Today was a lovely end to our weekend!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday x


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