17th September 2016


Right, I don’t want to jinx it but.. Ella’s slept all night in her cot for the last 3 nights! Really hoping this is a breakthrough and she’s cracked the whole sleeping malarkey! Last night she cried out a few times, but just short bursts. I didn’t go in to her straight away and she was fine and went back off to sleep!

This morning we got ready, had a quick play in the garden, then went to do a big food shop at Lidl. I also returned the clothes I bought yesterday that didn’t fit and unfortunately they didn’t have the size I wanted in stock 🙁 But I did pick up a suede-style laser cut Tshirt for £2.99, what a bargain! Doubt you’d get a top that cheap in Primark! I’m normally a size 12 in most clothes so got a size up and it fits so well and is very comfortable!



We got home and i unpacked all the shopping while Ella had a sleep in the car.

This afternoon we have played and I did a bit of cleaning, then cooked a chicken & vegetable pie for tea.

Nearly time to give Ella a bath then sit down and watch some crap Saturday night telly with a frozen cocktail!

Hope you’re having a brilliant weekend! x


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