16th September 2016



Today marks 1 month since I started blogging & I’m still loving it just as much as I was to begin with! I’d like to thank everyone who reads my blog, I’m glad it does interest people! Here’s what we’ve been up to today:

This morning we popped to town to pick up Lee’s phone from Vodafone as it had been sent off for repairs. I stopped myself from going into any other shops as I know I would’ve only spent money I shouldn’t spend!

We then went to Lidl to pick up something for dessert after tea as our friends are coming round for a roast. In Lidl I noticed they had a couple of bits of women’s clothing that took my fancy- shouldn’t have been spending money but I couldn’t resist at these prices!

The first item I picked up was a burgundy blouse which was £3.99, and the other was a suedette style dress for £6.99! Bargains! However, I found the sizing came up a bit small when I tried them on at home and realised i would need the next size up so I need to exchange them at the weekend. They’re so lovely though, definitely check them out!

Since we’ve been home I have sorted some washing and prepped tea for tonight. Ella’s had a nap and played.

Ella also decided to put a bubble bath bottle in the toilet- it’s been a long time coming really as she’s always in the bathroom and I’m always checking she hasn’t been putting things down the loo, so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise! Little monkey!


I’m really looking forward to tonight, we haven’t been able to do much in the evenings recently due to Lee’s job being such long hours!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Friday! x

*I need to get Ella some reins soon for when we’re out and about, if anyone has any suggestions/recommendations please leave them in the comments*


One thought on “16th September 2016

  1. ha ha love the toilet picture, oh dear ella on the move has truly arrived, have a feeling this is just a tame version of what is to come. looking forward to spending sunday with you. xxx


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