14th September 2016


Greek style yoghurt & blueberries for my breakfast- these yoghurts are so nice and are less than £1 from Lidl for a pack of 4!

Today me and Ella have been at home all day. I’ve done loads of housework – washing up, washed 3 loads of clothes, swept the floors, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my makeup brushes etc!

Nothing better than clean brushes!

After I’d done the housework and Ella had woken from her nap, we had some lunch then went out in the garden as it was lovely weather!

When we came back inside, we both had a cup of tea and some digestive biscuits to re-fuel!

I cooked tea and washed up, then me & Ella had a bath. Now we’re cosy in our pyjamas ready to chill and watch some telly before bedtime.


Hope you’ve had a brilliant Wednesday x


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