Why I Love Being Ella’s Mummy..


There are many things I love about being Ella’s mum, here are a few of them.

1. Ella makes me proud of her everyday, whether it be because she’s learnt something new or just being her. Her kind, sweet personality is shining through more and more lately.

2. Ella makes me proud of myself & Lee, knowing that we bought her into this world and have taught her most of the things she knows. I don’t have a huge amount of self-pride but when it comes to Ella, I am certainly very proud of myself!

3. Ella makes me laugh (usually with a funny face or sound!) A lot of my days are spent laughing at her with her.

4. The unexpected moments- when Ella wants a kiss or cuddle, with no prompting or begging on my behalf!

5. I love to sit back and just watch Ella doing her thing for a couple of minutes each day. She intrigues me, I’d love to know what’s going through her mind.

6. Although she can’t tell me yet, knowing how much Ella loves me & needs me is amazing. Especially when she was younger and I was breastfeeding, knowing that at times I was the only person who could soothe her felt very special.

7. Hearing Ella call me mama, this is just the best thing and makes being a parent feel more real than ever!image




2 thoughts on “Why I Love Being Ella’s Mummy..

  1. well now I know where ella gets her love of those bathroom products from – I am going to take the credit for that one, I am so glad I read your blog on why you love being ella’s mummy darling first thing this morning – pre-make up as tears were running down my face.
    you take all the credit offered to you both for the wonderful way you are bringing this little girl up, you are a natural mother and could certainly show others how it is done.
    I am as proud of you as you are of ella and I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me.
    suddenly turned into why I love being Rhiannon’s mummy!!!! xxxxx

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