7th September 2016


Today we’ve been at home all day. Luckily we didn’t have any plans as Ella woke up a bit grumpy this morning- in fact, she’s not been herself all day.

This morning she didn’t eat any of her breakfast, had some rice cakes, raisins and a couple of  Organix cheese and herb puffs mid-morning, then didn’t eat any lunch and barely any tea.

I’m not sure if she’s just having a day where she’s not very hungry- like we all do, or whether she’s teething or coming down with something! Hoping it’s not the latter.

As I said, she was grumpy this morning so we just watched CBeebies and cuddled most of the morning, but after she’d had her nap she perked up and was happier this afternoon!

Ella had fun exploring the garden while I was hanging/ sorting washing.


Holding my hand whilst walking around the garden 😍

Ella’s obsessed with the bathroom lately, just walks in their babbling away, picking up my bath products and dragging the bath mat around! She also wants to brush her teeth all the time and when I tell her she can do it later she cries!

Protesting after I told her she couldn’t brush her teeth yet!

She’s all bathed and ready for bed now.

Hope you’ve all had a happy Wednesday! x


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