4th September 2016


What a busy day we’ve had seeing friends & family!

This morning we went to buy my nieces birthday presents for next weekend, then we met some of my friends for lunch and a catch up which was lovely!


After lunch, we went to Ella’s nanny & grandad’s house (Lee’s mum & dad) as it was Ella’s grandad’s birthday. We saw Ella’s auntie & Ella played with her cousin Lola.

We left there and went on to Ella’s auntie and uncle’s new house (Lee’s brother & his girlfriend.) We checked out their new house, chilled out and Ella had her tea there.

We then had a long journey home, got back about 7:30pm. I had some tea & now we’re chilling in our pyjamas waiting for daddy to come home from work!

It’s been such a lovely day seeing people we don’t get to see very often.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend x


One thought on “4th September 2016

  1. so lovely to see your fri ends at the meal. it looked a lovely place to go for sunday lunch.
    everyone looks happy. maybe that is a place I should visit sometime.. bet ella enjoyed all the attention ha ha.. what a lovely thing to do on a sunday afternoon, just catch up with friends over a meal. sounds bliss. xxxxx

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