1st September 2016


Oh my goodness, it’s September already!

We have been so busy I didn’t get a chance to do a post yesterday, so here’s what we got up to:

In the morning we went to messy play at our local children’s centre, Ella loves getting stuck in to messy play! We then came home and had lunch, then I packed and sorted out some things while Ella was having a nap! In the evening I went for a meal with some mummy friends as one of them is moving back to Spain πŸ™.

We had a lovely meal then headed to pick Ella up from my friends house as her husband was looking after Ella. We then had an hour drive to Cornwall – to my parents house, we didn’t get there until 11:50pm! I was so tired, this is well past my usual bedtime!!!



The reason I was staying at my parents was to take my mum to a funeral this morning so we were up early and had a 45 minute drive to get there.

After the funeral we went back to my parents house for lunch and a cuppa, then headed home to North Devon!

We got home then rushed out again to go shopping at Aldi & Asda! I’ve never been to Aldi and was pleasantly surprised! The set out was a bit odd as I was expecting it to be the same as lidl, however I got some great bargains and spent less than i’d spend anywhere else & got a lot more for my money!

We grabbed a McDonald’s on the way home for tea as I really wasn’t feeling cooking after a busy couple of days!

Hope you’ve had a brilliant couple of days x


One thought on “1st September 2016

  1. hi my lovely girls. just to thank you for coming all the way down to sunny cornwall – well it was yesterday! I did appreciate it.
    ella, I want to hear you say nana to me the next time I see you lol. actually that will be in one weeks time so get practiscing!
    love as always mum aka nana! xxx


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