Roast Chicken Is So Versatile!


At the start of the week Lee gave me an idea to get a whole chicken, roast it and use it for a couple of meals rather than buying chicken breasts as I usually would which are more expensive for what you get.

I thought it was a good idea and went through with it to see how far it would go.

So, out of a small chicken from Lidl costing less than £4 we had:

Chicken Roast Dinner

Chicken Curry

Chicken Salad

4 and a half Chicken Sandwiches

If I was to buy chicken breasts to make these meals I probably would’ve used about 8 breasts, costing £7-8 in total! Meaning I spent about half the price I normally would by using a whole chicken! I also used the juices to make gravy to go with our roast dinner, so there was barely any waste!

I’m definitely going to do this again and make some meals such as chicken pie, chicken wraps & some sort of chicken pasta.

I hadn’t really thought of doing this before and wanted to let other people know about the idea & how much you can save!



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