19th August 2016


This morning we went to the singing/music group at our local children’s centre, Ella loves music, dancing and generally being around other children! We wore matching outfits which a lot of people commented on! I love it, but I think she’ll hate me for it when she’s older!

This afternoon we have played a lot, watched a bit of CBeebies and sorted out some of Ella’s clothes that she has grown out of to pass onto one of her friends! Ella’s still wearing 3-6 month & 6-9 month clothes, little dink!

We love a snapchat filter!


Sorting clothes 🙄


Twinning is winning ✌🏼️

We’re having a really easy tea tonight, nachos, homemade salsa and cheese! It’s gets to end of the week and I just want something quick and easy to cook, anyone else like this?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Friday and have a wonderful weekend! X


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