Review: Mothercare Fruit Salad Highchair


Thought I’d do a review on the Mothercare fruit salad highchair for anyone thinking of buying it.


We’ve been using this highchair for  about 8 months now and really like it. It has a nice unisex design featuring strawberries, lemons, apples, oranges, pears and watermelons.

Comfort & durability:

Ella is comfortable in it and I think it will last us for a good amount of time. I can’t imagine we will have to buy another highchair for Ella.


It is an easy-wipe material, however we discovered a couple of months ago that the straps aren’t removable which is a shame as they get quite mucky! I wanted to be able to remove them and chuck them in the washing machine every so often to give them a good clean, however we are struggling to keep them clean with Ella smothering yoghurt and all sorts over them! If anyone else has this highchair, any suggestions on how to clean the straps would be welcomed!


The highchair is easy to fold up, just 2 simple clips underneath the tray, however is still quite large to store. We either just keep ours out as its used so often or fold it up and stand it up against the wall in the under the stairs cupboard or larder type area.

For just £25, it is very affordable and durable. To purchase this highchair click here



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