17th August 2016


This morning we went swimming with my friend and her little boy who is 4 months younger than Ella, we had a lovely time, Ella loves splashing and kicking her legs in the water! After swimming we popped to Costa for a drink and piece of cake then came home. Ella had a nap when we got home so I had some lunch and chilled out for half an hour before having a play, watching some telly and prepping our tea. How we were both ready in 35 minutes this morning is beyond me! (We woke up a bit late and had a mad rush!)

Here’s Ella modelling her swimming costume before we left.


Ella’s swimming costume is from Cath Kidston, it’s a floral print halter neck with a little skirt type bit around the waist. I think it was £14, but it’s no longer available.

Ella loves her dolls at the moment and always cuddles & kisses them! One of them came out with us today!

Hope you’ve all have a wonderful Wednesday! x



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